Technology expo

We where invited to attend a small Teachers Technology Expo in El Paso, Texas to demonstrate this highly efficient and easy way of going green. Although, it was a fairly small expo it was a big success in our community to educate how making a small change can have a big impact in the long run. 

Home & Garden Show

El Paso, Texas

The EcoPump was also demonstrated at the Green Exposition in El Paso celebrating Earth Day. Many people visited the EcoPump booth and enthusiastically embraced the concept of the cordless water pump for swamp coolers.

Bassett Place Show

This was our first opportunity to share information about our product and learn more about the local energy needs. This opportunity provided us with our surveys that where needed start up our business and patent for the U.S in 2013. 

Home & Garden Show

​albuquerque, new mexico

During the Gathering of the Nations, our product made a great impression. The EcoPump team sold out of pumps at the end of the Show. We're glad to see how many people want to change their energy needs to a more green and efficient technology.

our journey

EcoPump is still a fairly new product on the market. Over the years EcoPump have done many expos shows, presentations and surveys to ensure costumer satisfactory and demand. There have been several upgrades and changes that have been made to improve the pump in recent years. Like with many new products, errors can happen however, as of 2017 we are happy to announce that EcoPump has made all the appropriate changes to work flawlessly. The inventory Karl Armstrong has always had only one goal in mind and that has been perfect the EcoPump in every aspect. That we have accomplished.

Featured on KFOX

Inventor, Karl Armstrong,was interview by local news station KFOX. Karl speaks about his plans for the product and how it helps everyone to save money, power and time in all areas of El Paso, Texas. It's a grea experience to see how many people have been waiting for a product that can last and is made in the USA. 

Featured Events

Home & Garden Show

Tucson, Arizona

The SAHBA Show was a great opportunity to demonstrate how our product can save electricity and water. It also showed us that our surrounding states are wildly into this growing company. 

Interview with Kfox

We have been featured once again on KFOX news to help communities locally and nationally, by saving electricity and water. Thank you everyone that has supported us in this going green venture and making a difference one step at a time. 


Part of the community

The EcoPump employees exhibited the Children's Miracle Network Green Expo by special invitation by the chief sponsor, Costco. The event educated the public regarding Green Energy Technologies while benefitting this important charity for sick children.