"Stop wasting electricity and money! Be part of the GREEN solution and use your money for things you enjoy!"

Ecological and Economical
 The EcoPump saves electricy and is made of high-quality recycleble materials. It's manufactured in the United States using state-of-the-art equipment by people who care about the quality of their work and value the environment.
The EcoPump Motto says it all, "Saving the world one home at a time." Now is the best time for you to make your home or business "green" and save money all summer long, year after year. Order an EcoPump online today or come into one of the retailers who care about the planet and the generations that will follow us.

Do you own Property?

We also Cater to small businesses and property owners. Please contact us for more information on orders for infrastructure and large scale projects.

Easy to install and Maintain
EcoPump is easy to installon new and older swamp coolers. It works equally well with units that have their water reservoir directly below the fan, and those single inlet coolers that hold their water in a separate compartment.

A Hot Idea for cool Savings !

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